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Message For Beginners, Saiful (Founder)

Hi! This is Saiful & I’m a student of Digital Marketing. It’s a journey of 15 more years on internet marketing and different marketplace (Fiverr, Upwork, freelance).

Honestly, the beginning of the journey was so hard and cruel for me. My family & friends never want to see me in such a field of work. The obstacle becomes worsen for me when they see I was working the whole night.

Yes! Now they are happy to see my success and Yes! This is only possible for my passion, dedication, and hard work. So, dear brother, sister & my fellow if you think you have patience and passion for your work then you start your career here. Otherwise, you will lose track after someday. And, please don’t come here with such a mind that you can earn here in a short time unless you have good expertise on a definite work. 

I have started my Amazon niche website business in 2012 and I knew about the business on a Facebook video. I have created some websites for me as well as for clients. To create a niche site is easy but the knowledge and investment is a big question here. If anyone wants to create a niche site I suggest you learn SEO at the first level and then work under a mentor who has good knowledge of the niche site business. Here you have to learn some techniques and strategies to rank a site organically.

Yes! Without a mentor, everything is possible but has some risk of losing the project.

I have two guides on Amazon Niche site marketing, Here you can continue from today. 


amazon affiliate niche sites
Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites For Beginners

Keyword Research For Amazon Niche Site
Keyword Research For Amazon Niche Site Beginners