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5 Best Graphics Card To Run Fortnite At 240 FPS (2023)

If you wanna go away with a graphics card that can run Fortnite at 240 fps then you will need to spend a little penny of yours to achieve that goal.

It’s not always easy to find the cheapest graphics card that can run Fortnite at 240 fps, but here we made this simple for you.

What graphics card do you need to run Fortnite at 240 FPS? EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is the one that can give you the best experience of playing Fortnite in the highest setting at 240 frames per second. It has 11 GB of GDDR6 ram which is much faster, reduces your loading time, provides lag-free smoothest, and quiet performance with rendering high-quality images.

Also, the cheapest GPU that can run Fortnite at 240 FPS is the MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 Super.

Before buying a GPU for playing Fortnite, make sure you have a solid CPU system and a 240 Hz refresh rate monitor. Choose the right GPU for the right tech, don’t try to overkill them via only one powerful component.

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Top 5 cheapest GPU For Fortnite (240 FPS)

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

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When it comes to playing Fortnite at 240 fps, we would like to introduce our gamers to this GPU called GeForce RTX 2080 Ti offered by EVGA. It’s a highly configured gaming graphics card that allows users to play Fortnite at a 4k display since it’s a 352-bit width memory.

Though it’s able to give a top-level performance for Fortnite, you can also play other next-gen games in middle to high settings without facing difficulties.

The EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti comes with 11GB of GDDR6 VRAM which ensures to play Fortnite at 240 fps with help of 14000 MHz clock speed and 616 Gigabit bandwidth per second. The bandwidth of the ram is determined by the bus type PCIe 3.0. The interface width of the graphic card is 352 bits.

The minimum clock speed that the graphics card can achieve under normal conditions is 1350 MHz and the maximum clock speed that the graphics card can achieve under normal conditions is 1635 MHz.

Also, it has a CUDA core count of 4352 which is 5x times more compared to GTX 1080 Ti. This number of CUDA cores leverages the GPU more in specific ways to perform graphics-related tasks including playing Fortnite at 240 fps with greater performance.

The design of the graphics card is unbeatable. The whole body is covered with an all-metal backplate which is preinstalled. It’s included 3 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI, and 1 USB Type C port which is far enough to use for anything you can think of from multiple monitors, TV to VR headsets (it’s VR ready too).

Why did we choose EVGA?

Because it offers a variety of fan choices, heatsink sizes, and Dual HDB Fans to keep your machine cool while playing Fortnite at 240 FPS.

The NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture provides 6X Faster Performance compared to previous-generation GPU, making sense to choose this card as an ideal piece to use for playing Fortnite at higher fps up to 144 – 240 much as you desired.

Besides GDDR6 type VRAM for a better visual experience, the Real-Time RAY TRACING helps make the Fortnite game more realistic via using shadow effects and other advanced features.

ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2060

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While it’s not easy to find a GPU for Fortnite that can be called true value for money in the burning overpriced graphics card market. To get rid of this illusion take a look at the GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming Graphics Card from Zotac powered by Nvidia Turing architecture which is the first GPU that is capable of real-time tray racing.

And guess what, it comes at an affordable price of under $750. This is the best GPU for budget gamers who wants to run Fortnite at 240 fps. Some user also recommends using this GPU for plex transcoding and they just love it.

In terms of build quality, it offers a great cooling system called ICESTORM 2.0 which is powerful cooling hardware used on this thinnest dual-fan GPU. The inner build is more solid than you imagine since they used 3 x 6 MM copper heat pipes, a 90 MM dual-fan drive, a wide array aluminum heat sink, and the wraparound backplate from outside.

As we mentioned before, it’s the thinnest GPU which is 119.3 mm in width and 209.6 mm long makes it a super compact graphics card that fits in 99% of the system available. Also, this is one of the graphics cards that comes with 3 display ports and 1 HDMI port.

The RTX 2060 is 6 GB of VRAM GDDR6 graphics card with a data transfer rate of 14 gigabit per second which is similar to its upgraded model 2060ti. The 192-bit PCIe bus type offers 336 GB/sec of bandwidth which is similar to GTX 1060 but except for bandwidth.

The maximum clock speed that the graphics card can achieve under normal conditions is 1680 MHz which is less than GTX model 1060 but better compared to 2060Ti. This much boost clock speed increases the loading time of Fortnite and renders the visual quality perfectly while keeping games running at 240 frame rate per second.

The most interesting part of this GPU is the processor’s capability to calculate floating-point per second. This gaming cards processor setup can handle 51 trillion floating-point calculations every second which is best to give the utmost performance for Fortnite at the highest setting.

Also, if you are planning to play Fortnite on a 1080p FHD monitor then the 5 Giga rays cast or 40 rays per pixel will be enough to provide perfect ray tracing. Keep in mind one thing that it requires an 8-pin PCIe power connector setup.

MSI GeForce GTX 1660

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This is the cheapest GPU that can run Fortnite at 240 fps. Unfortunately, it can’t be done at high setting gameplay but if anyone is ok to run Fortnite at a 144 frame rate per second at High settings then this is the real deal for them.

It’s a super-compact graphics card that comes with 3 display ports and 1 HDMI port. Since it features Nvidia’s latest graphics processor, you can get turning performance without ray tracing. Msi graphics cards are well known for excellent performance in games and great cooling.

The 7th generation of TWIN FROZR Thermal Design combines with Unique tox 3.0 dual fans which have the capability of providing great cooling performance while staying silent. It basically keeps the card silent by stopping the fan when the GPU doesn’t need cooling. In this way, it’s much easier now to play Fortnite in a noise-free environment.

The graphics card combines a black and gunmetal gray design with integrated RGB mystic light LEDs which are fully customizable. The MSI Mystic Light Software allows you to synchronize these colors and effects in your system as you want.

Get more performance out of your GTX 1660 super graphics card for Fortnite using OC scanner in the latest version of MSI Afterburner. Don’t just think this GPU can run at 240FPS only as it is also capable of running at a resolution of 1080p 240 FPS.

This is a 6 GB of VRAM graphics card based on GDDR6 which is faster than the previous generation helps you in terms of smooth gameplay via increasing your game loading time, rendering high-quality images, and providing a better visual experience while keep running your Fortnite at 220 fps since this GPU offers 1830 MHz of maximum boost clock.

Also, this super version of GPU is 50% faster than the original 1660 and 2x times faster in cases of performance than the GTx 1070 GPU. The data transfer rate of this graphics card is 14 gigabit per second which is best for playing Fortnite at 144 to 220 fps.

XFX RX 5700 Xt Thicc III

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The Nvidia brand is indeed graphics king but that doesn’t mean AMD is far behind there. Besides processor productions, AMD thought about leading the GPU industry too. With this in mind, AMD launches one of the fastest GPU AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. It’s one of the value-for-money graphics cards that ensure a frame rate of 240 per second for battle royal games like Fortnite, PUBG, and many more.

This graphics card is provided by the XFX brand but why did we decide to pick it over other brands in the market? First is the built quality which is stylish and very sturdy. It’s equipped with dynamic cooling power to yield lower temperatures and heightened performance while gaming at the high setting with full attention. It will try to the utmost level not to drop your mood during intense gaming moments because of latency issues.

This is an 8 GB GDDR6 VRAM graphics card with a memory clock speed up to 14 Gbps. The base clock of this GPU is 1810MHz and the maximum clock speed that the graphics card can produce under normal conditions is 2025MHz.

This is built for high-performance and high-resolution gameplay and you can achieve the highest boost clock speed while playing Fortnite at 240 fps thanks to its 2.90-millimeter fans and 100-millimeter fan which stays cool and quiet during that time.

The interface width of the graphic card is 352 bits with bus type of PCI-E 4.0. You can play Fortnite at 1440P and 4K monitor while enjoying a 240 frame rate per second. On the other hand, it also supports 8k streaming for experiencing the best satisfying moment while watching a variety of content.

This XFX RX 5700 Xt Thicc III Ultra 8GB GPU features a wide variety of technologies such as RDNA Architecture, 2nd Gen 7nm GPU, GDDR6 Memory, Power Efficiency, PCI® Express 4.0 Support, Video Streaming up to 8K, DisplayPort 1.4w/DSC, Radeon™ Image Sharpening, Async Compute, Radeon™ Rays Audio + Trueaudio Next, Radeon™ Freesync™ 2 HDR*, Radeon™ VR Ready Premium, Radeon™ Software, Driver Optimizations, and Radeon™ Boost.

GeForce RTX 2060

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If you need a GPU that can help to run Fortnite at the highest setting on a 1080p monitor while maintaining high Frame Rates and a steady temperature without thermal throttling, this will be a great investment as it comes under $700. Though it’s not the best GPU at this price point considering the situation of the market either you pay the price or you have to go with an empty hand.

ASUS GeForce RTX 2060 packed with 6 GB GDDR6 Ram with a data transfer rate of up to 14 Gbps ensures to play Fortnite at 240 fps with help of 336 Gigabit bandwidth per second. The interface width of the graphic card is 192 bits. This GPU has proven its capabilities in running Autocad Software and is considered the best GPU for Autocad.

The base clock speed of the graphics card under normal conditions is 1365 MHz and the boost clock speed of the graphics card under normal conditions is 1680 MHz. Also, it has a CUDA core count of 1920 which is a little more compared to the GTX 1060.

There are 3 display ports, 1 DVI port, and 1 HDMI port available where you can run 4 monitors at a time. The graphics card supports Maximum Digital Resolution up to 7680×4320.

Also, this is a 2 slot graphics card which means it’s usually longer, offers more airflow at a lower speed with dual fans, fans also come with longer blade size, able to increase airflow while staying quiet. This GPU is equipped with dust-resistant Wing-Blade Fans that operate at 0 dB level and don’t hit temperatures over 60C. This is also one of the best budget VR-ready graphics cards.

Where can you buy this graphics card? The GeForce RTX 2060 is available on Amazon, Newegg, best buy, Asus manufacturer store, Zotac store, Msi store, Galax store, EVGA store, and more places near you.

Buying Guide: Best Graphics Card For Fortnite

Consumer reviews

When you select your desired GPU for playing Fortnite, that time you need to select a vendor from any e-commerce store like amazon. Once you select it, scroll down to the bottom and read some common faqs that people asked about consumer reviews where gamers shared their long-term experiences.

Try to know crucial requirements

Calculate the ratio of positive and negative responses about Fortnite GPU and try to find out some important details like how many slots a card really requires as argued to the manufacturer’s claims.

It may need two slots, for instance, but be just thick enough to make it unmanageable to place an extra card in a slot next to it, or just a little too long to handle a motherboard because of barriers.

Power consumption

There either you will need to buy the compatible power supply unit or return GPU to the vendors. Don’t overlook the consideration of other cards and devices in your system into account concerning power usage and its effect on battery life.

Make sure better air flows

Don’t purchase such a cheap Fortnite graphics card that might overheat in the future because of heavy usage. If you analyze the negative reviews of GPU, there you will find tons of users are complaining about the same thing and that’s “My GPU is getting overheat in just a few minutes after switches to the high graphics gaming and starts to drop frame rate and increasing performance issues gradual which result in spoil our intense gaming moments pretty badly and that’s too much annoying.”

Obviously, it’s especially that time when the market of graphics cards is burning hot and the $500 GPU now has to be bought with more bucks than usual.

When buying cards, make sure that you have sufficient cooling and that your case’s airflow and the positions of your other cards will allow for optimal heat dissipation. This will solve your maximum problems without losing your mind and bucks.

Difference of GTX & RTX Series

The Nvidia GTX 10 series or 16 series GPU is comparatively smaller and generates less heat than RTX 3000 series. Those are also less pricey and able to give you the fastest gaming at a 144 frame rate per second. On the other hand, the RTX 3000 series has higher power requirements than the 2000 series and can provide the fastest performance possible.

Cpu system

Don’t listen to the other if anyone is pushing you to buy the most powerful GPU on the earth. It won’t make any difference if only your CPU system is low and other components are not so powerful enough to squeeze out the maximum amount of performance from your best and powerful GPU. So be careful while making any buying decision.

Price differences

This is one of the most common questions rumbling around people’s minds: why are this same series GPU available at different price points. What’s the reason behind it? Ok, let us unveil the curtains for you before you’re gonna lose your complete mind while buying the GPU for Fortnite.

The same types of GPU offer various types of features like overclocking, better cooling systems, or flashy designs. These are the things that divided the same GPU into different price ranges. Also, if you look deeper and compare 2 items side by side then you will find a lot of technical and technologies support differences between them.

Exact Monitor

Nvidia GTX and RTX cards support the various flavors of G-Sync, and all AMD Radeon cards RX 400 or later support FreeSync adaptive refresh technologies. What can this do? This technology helps to reduce artifacts caused by a mismatch between screen refresh rate and frame rate.

For example, you want to play the Fortnite game at 240 fps but you have a monitor that supports a 90 Hz refresh rate. There you can’t expect to render your game more than 90 frames per second. That’s why to choose the exact item for the right tech.

Benchmark Score

If you need a graphics card with the highest performance capability then before purchasing check the benchmark of it. As well as it’s better to know how much FPS these graphics cards can hit while gaming.

Avoid misconceptions

Some misconceptions are rumbling around people’s minds. The first is users assume replacing an old card will automatically give them noticeably better or smoother performance.

And the second one is they assume that the newer Nvidia RTX 20-series cards will be faster than the 10-series cards they replace. Surely you will get better performance than before but it will not be noticeably as big as you are thinking.


This is all we had to share with you to guide the right way for purchasing the best GPU for Fortnite 240 fps. We tested 20 GPUs in order to come up with the best results.

Also, we explained some things to consider before buying the Fortnite GPU so as not to make any mistakes during making decisions. You may need to look for some GPU that comes with more than 3 HDMI ports to connect more than 3 monitors.

Here, you will see the price range between $500 to $1400, and every one of them supports Fortnite gameplay at 240 frames per second. If you’re a budget consumer, we suggest you look at the GPUs between $500 to $700.

And if you are a premium gamer and like a kinda cool looking design and don’t bind with any budget barrier, you should buy our overall choices.

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