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Top 5 RCN compatible wi-fi router 2023 – Supports Plans Up to 50 to 940 Mbps

The best RCN router is the must-have gear for long-range coverage with better performance and speed. If you are a RCN user and felt lackings in your router’s performance then this article is definitely gonna help you to make a choice of the best compatible RCN router.

RCN users are not very satisfied with their internet service provider’s router. Due to causing so much network drop and performance issues now users likely want to replace their RCN router with their own.

To get the best third-party router that can replace you RCN’s existing router you’ve to follow some major guideline that our experts had gone through.

Fortunately, you can pick any third-party router for your RCN package but without knowing which are gonna perform best regarding your plan and situation that could be some troublesome task to do.

We’ve listed the top 10 RCN compatible routers keeping in mind user’s needs, plans, performance, and coverage. To pursue the following list, keep scrolling down to the end.

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Speedefy AC2100 Smart WiFi Router - Dual Band Gigabit...
Sale TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7) -Dual Band...
Sale ASUS RT-AX3000 Ultra-Fast Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router...

The 5 Best Router For RCN

NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi Router (R7000)

Wi-Fi Spec: Dual-band | Coverage: 1500 sq ft | Wireless type: 802.11ac | Ports: 4 1G Ethernet/3.0 USB | Peak Throughput: 1750 Mbps | Size: 11.22 x 7.2 x 2.44 inches | Processor: 1 GHz Dual-core processor | Memory and Storage: 128 MB flash and 256 MB RAM


The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (R7000) is one of the best rcn routers we’ve seen from Netgear in a while. It comes with excellent speed, coverage, data transfer rate, simple design, and the best reviews of critics.

In our lab tests, we checked this router on multiple criteria and found some extraordinary features that make it a perfect wifi router and eliminates the need for a modem for your frontier FiOS internet.

Critics of CNET shared their 48-hour long test result and said that “It went through our extreme tests and passed properly. This router offered exceptionally long-range. It could be the best budget router to use with RCN internet plans up to 300 Mbps. I was able to pick up its signal much further than that — up to 300 feet away — but at over 200 feet, the signal was strong enough for a reliable Wi-Fi connection.”

Note: They tested this router at their offices, where there are walls and many Wi-Fi devices that are out of their control

It offers top-notch security that protects your data with respect to authentication, encryption, software updates, resistance to known exploits, etc.

Also, it’s equipped with a dual-core processor, 3 amplified antennas, and advanced technology like Beamforming+, Dynamic QoS, Smart Connect, Amazon Alexa Voice Controls, and more.

What’re The Advantages?

  • Enough coverage for small house of people 4
  • Dual-band connection
  • Gigabyte port for faster speed
  • Top security included
  • It features the best Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS)


  • Doesn’t support link aggregation
  • Speeds aren’t so high as advertised

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Speedefy AC2100 router

Wi-Fi Spec: Dual-band | Coverage: 2500 sq ft | Wireless type: 802.11ac/n | Number Of Ports: 4 | Peak Throughput: 2100 Mbps | Size: 15.5 x 12.99 x 3.2 inches | Processor: 1 GHz Dual-core processor | Memory and Storage: 500 MB flash and 256 MB RAM

Speedefy offers their most reliable and speediest Gigabit WiFi dual-band wireless router that has built-in Mu-MIMO technology and also features parental control to keep your kids run under routine.

Important to know, this rcn compatible router is less pricey and much speedy compared to the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 router.

It’s designed to handle up to 25 devices and streaming endlessly. It has 7*6dBi Omni-directional Antennas to keep coverage more stable till the corner of your home.  

The dual-band class made this router best to use with RCN plans up to 300 Mbps. Speedefy router delivers 300 Megabits per second on the 2.4 GHz band and delivers up to 1733 Mbps when the router switch on the 5 GHz band. The total data transfer rate of this router is approximately 2100 megabits per second.

Speedefy wireless routers peak throughput rate up to 2100 Mbps, where Netgear nighthawk can only offer 1750 megabits per second.

The wider coverage of a router means wider demand than others, Where Netgear nighthawk sticks with max coverage up to 1500 sq ft there speedefy offering 1000 sq ft more area coverage with wireless connectivity than other budget range routers. So the clear winner is the Speedefy AC2100 router.


  • Long-range wireless router that covers up to 2500 sq ft
  • Equipped with the latest 4×4 MU-MIMO technology that can handle 4 devices at once
  • No lag during gaming and streaming
  • Best budget router for internet service provider RCN
  • Parental controls
  • Easy to setup


  • No advanced security to keep your data protected
  • No gigabyte port

Rockspace AX1800 Wi-fi 6 Router

Wi-Fi Spec: Dual-band | Coverage: 2500 sq ft | Wireless type: 802.11ac/n | Number Of Ports: 5 | Peak Throughput: 1800 Mbps | Size: 2.4 x 13.31 x 7.48 inches | Processor: 1.8 GHz Quad-core processor

The nice-looking wireless wifi-6 gaming router is manufactured by Rackspace store. It acquires the place of one of the best wi-fi 6 routers that comes at a cheap rate. There is various technology used in this router such as OFDMA, MU-MIMO, wi-fi 6, and more.

The wi-fi 6 technology helps to get you a blazing fast speed up to 1800 Mbps for your whole home or office network. Since it’s a dual-band router, it can transfer data on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

OFDMA and MU-MIMO provide rockspace gaming routers a larger capacity – comes from the efficient use of frequency bands and the simultaneous data transmission by multiple devices.

This router provides top-notch security to keep your data safe from getting stolen. WPA3 and IPV6 are configured in the RCN router to provide overall security protection for your home network and all connected devices.

The main competitor of this router is TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1800 Router. Though TP-Link Router WiFi 6 AX1800 is less pricey, Rackspace AX1800 Wi-fi 6 has some unique features that completely beat most wi-fi 6 routers on market.

The BSS Color of the AX1800 WiFi router can mark outlines from neighboring networks so that it can ignore them and focus on your network tasks only. It means that your computer routers become more efficient by getting rid of unnecessary work.


  • Wi-fi 6 router can handle up to 35 devices
  • It has MU-MIMO and OFDMA Technology to enhance your network during gaming and streaming
  • BSS color let the router focused only on your network
  • Eliminate dead zones by extending long-range wireless coverage up to 2500 sq ft
  • Easy to set up for non-tech users
  • Best for RCN 300 Mbps plan


  • 1 Year limited warranty

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TP-Link AC1750 Smart Router

Wi-Fi Spec: MU-MIMO Wireless/Dual-band | Coverage: 1500 sq ft | Satelite Extender: 1 | Ports: 5 Ethernet Ports | Peak Throughput: 1750 Mbps | Size: 9.59 x 7.34 x 1.29 inches | Frequency: 2.4 & 5 GHz | Available Device: Amazon Alexa | Warranty: 2 Years


TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router – Most selling items of Tp-link, got hit by thousands of satisfying customers and few are among them confirmed that this is the right investment if you live in a small house and running RCN 50-250 Mbps internet plan.

Three antennae wireless tp-link wifi router basically designed for long-range coverage and strong signal. It has large-scale compatibility – works with all internet service providers and even with Alexa.

Also, this router offers parental control that creates the best opportunity for parents to keep their naughty children’s in under control.

The tp-link wireless RCN router also features something called QOS function which stands for Quality of service.

It’s one kind of technology to manage uninvited traffic from their network. Moreover, QoS mechanisms let you control the performance of the router, ensure the top appearance of critical applications when you need them.

Though this thing is not so advanced as the NETGEAR Nighthawk Routers Qos mechanism, in the end, you won’t regret it after using it. Aso, this is one of the best router for qos.


  • Most affordable dual-band router for RCN
  • High data transfer rate
  • Long-range coverage
  • Connect up to 50+ devices
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with a VPN server


  • Not equipped with MU-MIMO technology
  • Speeds are not so reliable for RCN 300 Mbps plan

ASUS WiFi 6 (RT-AX3000)

Wi-Fi Spec: Gigabit Wireless/Dual-band | Coverage: 3000 sq ft | Ports: 4 LAN / 1 WAN | Peak Throughput: 3000 Mbps | Size: 8.82 x 6.06 x 6.3 inches | Frequency: 2.4 & 5 GHz | Availaible Device: Amazon Alexa | Warranty: 2 Years


Do you want the best rcn router that can handle your speed of RCN gigabit internet plans? Meet the ASUS WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000) – a dual-band gigabit wireless router, best for internet plans up to 1GBPS.

It offers a variety of features, top-notch speed, long-range wireless coverage, and many more that made it the best value for RCN users.

The simple black design with a nice golden logo in the middle of the router help to enhance the beauty of your minimal space.

Besides 4 external antennas, it is equipped with 4 Gigabit LAN ports to provide you best-wired service either its pc or gaming console.

Also, it has one WAN port, Reset button, WPS button, USB 3.1 port, DC-IN socket, and power button.

It’s based on wi-fi 6 technology and able to provide up to 2. 7x faster speed than the previous WiFi generation. It also features OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology that helps to handle multiple devices with multiple users at once.

Though it’s a single wireless router, it has also built-in AiMesh technology that allows you to establish an even more robust mesh WiFi system with other ASUS AiMesh compatible routers, warranting stable and seamless whole-home coverage every time.

ASUS WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000) comes with a lifetime strong security system because they actually care about your personal data and helps to eliminate the risk of being stolen.

Now, set up your Asus router easily with their own mobile app that allows you to customize all of the features freely.

Expert’s Lab Test Result

It’s a AX3000 Dual-band wi-fi Router for RCN and offers speeds up to a total of 3 Gbps, 2402 Mbps on the 5 GHz band, and 575 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz Band. Meanwhile, experts live test shows that this router can deliver up to 350 Mbps from the 2.4 GHz band and up to 1400 Mbps speed from the 5GHz band, best for lag-free gaming, and 4k streaming.


  • Wi-fi 6 wireless gigabit router
  • AiMesh system included
  • Long-range coverage up to 3000 sq. Ft.
  • Lifetime internet security plan include, don’t need to waste money on this
  • Opportunity for parents to customize this router via parental control


  • Some users faces sudden disconnecting issue for no reason

Benefits Of Having Your Own Router For RCN

Better Performance & Faster WiFi

Routers from internet service providers are unable to provide you the utmost speed and coverage due to their low-frequency brand and old technology. Also, some ISP providers offer a free rental router that costs you some fixed amount per month but those are a piece of junk in terms of performance.

Today’s modern world offers a variety of advanced routers with better features and the fastest technology and you can pick any of them for your RCN internet plans.

These routers could have cost you $50 to $600 based on their performance, coverage, technology, and features. Also, it depends on your internet plan which one will be best to suit your needs.

If you’re using a 100 Mbps plan then you can go for a budget router like Netgear nighthawk or Tp-link archer which will provide you faster speeds, match up with your plan and handle multiple devices at home or apartment.

But if you’re a gigabit plan user and required a powerful router to support internet plans up to 1 Gbps there you should spend over $150 to $400 for a router to get better performance and faster speed.

Save On Rental Fees

Many of us intend to buy modem router combo devices for our internet plan services. There is nothing bad about it but the worst thing happens when users fall into a trap by buying their ISP’s rental modem router with the hope of getting a full better experience from their plan.

To avoid this scenario it’s best to buy a third-party cable modem router combo or only modem for your RCN internet plans and save your rental fees up to $150 per year.

Extended Wireless Coverage

Routers of ISPa have limited range coverage capacity and are not suitable for most of the users who are living in a large home. You will don’t have an opportunity to extend your coverage because of the compatibility issue of the range extender.

That’s why you can purchase a router that can cover your whole home wirelessly or there is an alternative choice to using a mesh wifi system to cover your dead spot completely to enjoy lag-free gaming and streaming.

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RCN Router FAQ’s

What routers are compatible with RCN?

Basically, almost every router is compatible with RCN. There is only need to choose a router based on your internet plans that can match up with speed. But if you want to know which one is overall best then we would suggest you choose the NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router for 60 to 400 Mbps plan.

What network does RCN use?

RCN offers the fastest speed up to 60 to 949 Mbps. They use something old but reliable cable network at an affordable price range.

Can you use your own router with RCN?

We talked with customer support of RCN and they informed us that “their network supports the third party router”. So every user can use their own router with an RCN internet plan to get the smoothest experience. All you need to do is find a cable internet-compatible router.

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