Connect A Landline Phone To A Modem and WiFi Router

You might be wondering whether or not you can connect your landline to your wifi router or just your modem. Nowadays ISP’s are providing a single unit that provides your internet as well as the wifi signal. You might also be wondering, who still has a landline? Well, presumably you if you are reading this! I personally still have one that I don’t use because it is specifically for spam calls I just ignore as well as my grandma who refuses to call just my cell phone. I’m sure some can relate!

Can You Connect a Landline to Wi-Fi?

If you mean a wireless connection that connects your landline to your wifi for displaying caller id or any other purpose, then you would be wrong. You cannot do this. While the phone itself is wireless you will still have to plug in the base. If you see a phone line input labeled “Tel/Phone 1” (either or) then you can use that.

Can I Connect My Landline Phone to My WiFi Router?

Now, if your router does in fact have a port for your phone then you can use it. You can also use the wall jack if your house has one and you are not near the router. I understand this is now a niche subject in that it is old tech. Still, as I mentioned before there are some reasons why you might want to keep a landline.

How to Connect a Landline Phone to a WiFi Router

Hopefully you have a quick internet connection for your landline. Being that it is 2022 at the time of writing i’m sure you do. The steps are extremely simple and user friendly:

  • Turn off your router
  • Grab an ethernet wire if you have one (you will need one.) This will be the wire you connect with. Connect it to your router as well as the landline base.
  • If you turned off your router then I would assume you already have internet. If not, re hook up the internet to your computer if it is hardwired. Ethernet to the LAN port on your router. Wireless is fine as well.
  • Take the analog cable that came with your landline and connect it. This will also be from the base to your router. As mentioned above, the labeling might be phone 1 or tel 1.
  • Once you have completed the above steps, you can turn modem back on. This should restore your internet. Wait for the lights to stop blinking and turn solid green so you know it is set.
  • If your router is still not connected, you can now re-connect to an outlet. Repeat the same step above ans wait for the light to turn solid.
  • Now you are ready to test your phone. Everything should work.

You might have a 2 in 1 router/modem. Many ISP’s will provide this with their newer services. Similar steps apply and are shortened.

  • Turn off the router just in case per the previous method.
  • Find the phone port in the back. Labeling should be similar.
  • Take your ethernet cable and plug it into the router as well as the phone base.
  • Wait fo rthe light to turn solid and you will be good to go.
  • The phone should work and be ready to make calls.

Can I get internet without cable or phone service?

Yes, many ISP’s standard plans do not include phone service considering the current technology. Some people choose to have phone service for certain reasons but you can certainly have internet without cable or phone.

VoIP Overview

Voice over Internet Protocol can transmit signals (your voice) over the magical internet. Otherwise known as IP, the internet protocol. Basically, this will take the sounds you make, and convert it to a digital signal that is able to be sent via an internet connection.

VoIP Benefits

The internet provides a great many benefits. This includes what we perceive as outdated technology such as landlines. The good ol “home phone” can still be of use as well as operate over the internet as we know it today.

  • Cost effective: You can use something like magic jack for a cheap monthly fee, or you can have a internet subscription plan that comes with telephone service. Since this is considered “outdated” technology, it is very cost effective to have phone service included.
  • Small Footprint: There is not much you need anymore compared to the early 2000’s. You just need your phone base and that is it. A simple one or two chord connection should work and not take up any more space than necessary.
  • 21st Century Functionality: With minimal equipment, you can use the same call functions on your landline as you can your cellphone now. Think forwarding, transferring calls, blocking numbers, as well as putting calls on hold. With a standard landline you would need special equipment that is just not remotely necessary in this day in age. Using VoIP you can have a landline with the ease of a cellphone.

Is my Wi-Fi interfering with my cordless phone?

There is always a chance that anything wireless can be interfered with by a signal. That doesn’t mean your wifi is interfering with your phone, but it is always a possibility. Try moving away from your router and see if anything changes should you suspect your wifi is the culprit.

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