How to Connect video camera to laptop using HDMI – Guide to start live Streaming

Streaming live on an online platform like Facebook YouTube, Twitch, or any other platform has become a really popular thing to do and to enjoy. Each day people are moving towards live streaming more than editing and publishing a video after recording.

You need the best accessories to make the whole process successful and give it a professional vibe. To make this whole process, you need the best laptop for live streaming and the best GPUs with better HDMI capability.

Today we will talk about how to connect video camera to laptop for live streaming. You need to know what you actually need and after that follow a complete procedure to make this work and create awesome videos.

First Process:

Camera: Any camera with an HDMI port and better quality will work. It’s better to choose a camera with better battery life and is lightweight as well.

Computer: A Laptop or a Dekstop with a better Processor and GPU will a game changer for live streaming any videos with faster processing.

Internet: You definitely need a faster internet connection so that you never get disconnected from any of your live sessions.

HDMI Cable: This cable will create a connection between your camera and computer to let your camera act as a webcam for recording your videos.

Second Process:

Software: Install your broadcasting software to go live and control all the settings. This software will provide you with the feature to produce a perfect looking video. 

You should use a paid app to enjoy different amazing features. You can try some broadcasting apps like Bebo, FFSplit, Camelion, Wirecast, and Light Stream.

RTMP Application Setup: Real-Time Messaging Protocol is designed by Adobe for transmitting high-performance audio, video in high quality formats like AMF, SWF, FLV, and F4V. Another thing this app can do is it can stable your video even when you are facing network problems.

Channel: Log in to your channel and create a thumbnail with a timer to go live in that time quickly.

Final Process:

Environment: Check your camera and the lighting of your room to create a perfect environment according to your choice.

Tools: Check all your computer and broadcasting tools to make sure everything’s fine and you’re ready to go.

  • Turn on the PC and broadcasting app.
  • Connect your HDMI cable with your camera and Laptop
  • Use a USB cable in case the VGA option is not available.
  • Open RTMP Application and select high quality video option to stream in HD.
  • Then hit on the “Go Live” option and start your live streaming.

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