Connect WiFi Extender To Spectrum Router 2023

Spotty or weak signals in certain areas? Sometimes if you start to get distant from your router, the signal will start to dwindle. Regardless of how good your router is, it can only broadcast a certain distance. If this is your situation then it is possible you may need a wifi extender.

This is entirely dependent on how large of a space you want covered. People with larger homes or buildings may want to invest in mesh wifi instead. If you have a small area that just isn’t cutting it, then you may find a wifi extender helpful. Especially if you have spectrum internet. I have spectrum myself and want to utilize all the speed I am paying for!

Lets get into how to connect your wifi extender to a spectrum router.

WiFi Extender Overview

A WiFi extender is something that can help extend your signal to the surrounding area of your device. If you have a spotty wifi signal somewhere in your home you could utilize a wifi extender by setting it up near the troubled area to help with the coverage. The extender works by communicating with your router nearby, taking the signal, and boosting it to the nearby area. This is why it is important to setup your device somewhere near and between your dead zone and your router.

Always remember before making a purchase that a wifi extenders simply *extends* your signal. It does not increase the speed. If you pay for 200mbps/month and you buy a wifi extender, you still won’t be able to increase your speed past 200mbps, only extend the signal.

Is A WiFi Extender Necessary?

This is all a personal choice. Some people go with mesh wifi, others choose wifi extenders. It really depends on how many dead spots you have. How bad is the signal in those areas. How large those areas are etc…

If you just need reach a relatively small spot or room, then a wifi extender is plenty.

Starting To Connect The Wi-Fi Extender To Spectrum Router

Be sure that your network is all set up and running. As long as you have internet you are ok to start connecting your wifi extender. Remember that wifi extenders will only extend your signal and not strengthen it. Take into consideration that, while spectrum provides high quality internet, if you are experiencing latency for any reason, you can expect to have the same lower signal in your covered area.

Connect Your Modem

To ensure your internet is setup, be sure that your coax cable is connected to the proper outlet and your spectrum modem.

2. Connect Your Modem To Your Router

Now you need to make sure the modem is connected to the router via the coax cable. Everything should be lit up. If you have a new 2 in 1 modem/router then that is fine as well. Just be sure that your device is powered up and providing internet.

Connect Your WiFi Extender

Its not difficult to connect your wifi extender. First things first you should have the area you want to covered picked out. Remember if you want to get a signal to a certain area make sure the wifi extender is placed somewhere in between there and the router.

Signal Setup And Connection

You should have two options to set up your wifi extender. For a more specific version check out how to setup a wifi extender. 1 of 2 options is to navigate to the ip address given in the directions of your device. Here you should be able to connect to your wifi network and extend the signal. If this does not apply to you then check out the other option. This will be done via the WPS button.

WPS Button Method

In my personal opinion this is the best option, but the ip address is needed because sometimes people cannot successfully use the wps button. To connect your wifi extender to your spectrum router simply press and hold the wps button on your extender. All brands may be a little different but you should see some indication such as a flashing light that it is ready to find a network.

After this go to your router and hold the same button. You shouldn’t have to hold very long but be sure to look for a similar indication like the aforementioned flashing light. If you do this successfully both the wifi exenter and router should find each other. Look at the wifi network list in any of your devices. You should see a new network as long as it is plugged in. You should recognize it by the brand name or your wifi name with something extra.

4. Configuration

When you first connect to the wifi extender network. You will most likely have to do some online setup if you haven’t already. Similar to the ip address option, when you connect you should be prompted to input a password or set one if this is the first time it is being set up. Choose your preferences and you should be all good to go!

Test Your Connection

Go near your wifi extender and see what your speed is like. You can bring up any internet speed test of your choosing. If you are not sure how to test your connection then simply search “internet speed test” in your browser of choice.

You should conduct this test in multiple areas to see if there is a difference in signal speed throughout. Go near your router and see what you get. Then go in a random spot, possibly in between your extender and router. Lastly, go near your wifi extender or wherever your low signal area was located. Hopefully your speed has increased from the wifi extender. I should clarify, the wifi extender will not increase internet speed, it will simply extend the signal from your router. So while it may technically increase the speed from the dead zone due to an extended wifi signal, it won’t increase the overall speed the router is capable of. You can only get up to what you pay for and what your router supports.

If you have fantastic high speed internet then be sure that your wifi extender supports at least up to that much (200mbps for example.) It would be disappointing to realize you bought a wifi extender but it can’t broadcast the signal strength you pay for each month.


If you have dead zones in your home or building then a wifi extender might be a solution for you. If you decided to buy one then hopefully you found this article helpful. Sometimes mesh wifi is just a little too much for the coverage you need and would prefer a wifi extender. Either way, you should be able to have wifi coverage wherever you are. This is especially considering you are using spectrum. Spectrum internet plans are extremely competitive and have continuously provided myself with great service. Sometimes your home or place of business is laid out in such a way that a wifi extender will be necessary. That’s ok! These devices are great for covering a small are that just doesn’t quite get your full wifi signal.

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