How to Connect Wi-Fi Extender to Smart TV

A wifi extender is a magical little device that can make many of your little problems go away by helping one problem, your terrible wifi signal. This device will connect to your standard wifi when within range and push that signal outward. This is great for dead zones or any spotty area you wish to have wifi.

There are limits, however. You need to place your wifi extender in such a spot where it can pick up your full wifi signal and also be close enough to your 0 coverage area. Basically, somewhere in between the target and your router.

You can connect by the wps button your extender and router or setup via a web browser.

The setup process if fairly similar for any wifi extender, but for now lets get into how to connect your smart tv to a netgear extender.

Pros and Cons of Extenders

First lets start off with some disadvantages. One drawback of a wifi extender is that it will not speed up your internet. What you pay for is what you get. A second drawback is the second network created that you will need to connect to. Unlike mesh wifi, your wifi extender will create a “separate” network that you will need to connect to. Luckily with the progression of technology, most devices now have settings that automatically connect to whichever networks have the best signal and range. This should make it more simple when you are roaming around an area that requires a wifi extender.

A major advantage is the general price point. Compared to mesh wifi, extenders are in no way cost prohibitive. You can hop on amazon or travel to your local walmart (anywhere really) and pick one up. Another advantage is the small footprint. These devices are simple plug and plays so you just need an outlet near your dead zone and you are good to go. No need to run wire or have a table to set a tower on. If you happen to have an ethernet cable nearby then great, you will have a better and more stable connection! If not, no big deal, as long as it is plugged in you are good.

Getting Into The Network Settings Of Your NETGEAR Extender

Go through the steps required to setup/install your wifi extender. After this you can start to connect devices such as your smart TV or cell phone.

To check the settings you will need to try a few things. If you think you have successfully set up the extender then go to your wifi menu and click the settings or properties option on the network. If you have not gotten all the way through then there will most likely be a default user interface when you first go to connect to the network. If you are on a laptop or phone then you can click into it to complete the setup.

The main things to have ready for your netgear wifi extender are:

  • the password
  • the proper network name (this should be similar to your normal wifi network name)
  • the wifi security mode

If you haven’t gotten to the settings via the default interface for your netgear extender then try the following:

  1. Open the browser of your choice.
    1. You can use either your phone or computer/laptop for this
  2. Navigate to
  3. You should see a prompt to input a username and password. Input your credentials
    1. If you don’t know your password then check the manual that came with your extender
  4. Click the login button.
  5. After you are logged in via the website you will need to create an account to log in with other devices


If you are connected then you can skip this section. If you are seeing any of the following images or a similar error page then try some steps below.

The first thing you should do is make sure your wifi extender is plugged in and in working order.

Another option is to make sure you have the correct address. or

If you think the signal isn’t reaching, then try to place the wifi extender in the same room as the router and then conduct the setup. After that you can move your device back to the location you desire.

Make sure your browser is up to date in case a bug is preventing you from accessing the site.

You can also attempt the tried and true method of clearing your cache, history, and cookies. I know I know, similar to the ‘ol unplug it and plug it back it. Hey, it works!

Lastly you can always try using a different web browser.

Connect Your Smart TV To Your Wi-Fi Extender Via Wireless Connection

Turn on your tv and navigate to your settings. This could also be labeled as the menu or menu button.

You should see many options on the screen. Look for network options and select it. Everyones TV is different so you may see the list of networks right away or you might need to navigate futher into the submenus to find your wifi extender connection. If the network list is further down then the options should be pretty self explanatory.

Once you have the list of networks, navigate to and click your wifi extender’s network name.

You should be prompted for a password. Type in your credentials like you did during the initial setup. You should be successfully connected now. If you received an error message then retry your password input and be cautious of case sensitivity and that you are typing in the correct letters.

Once connected you are free to browse your preferred entertainment from your smart tv via your netgear wifi extender.

Connect Your Smart TV To Wi-Fi Extender Via Ethernet

Similar to a method mentioned above for the wifi extender setup, you can also use ethernet. If you are already setup for it then an easier method would be to plug your tv into the netgear extender via an ethernet cable. This will give you the most stable connection. Some people hate the wires hanging and that is completely understandable. If you happen to have a nice hidden setup or are doing a remodel then it is always a good idea to run some wire behind the wall.

You will still have to navigate to the network settings on your tv and click on your extender. If you are connected via ethernet then you should just be able to connect via a wired connection option. If for some reason you still have to input your password then go ahead and type it in. Otherwise you should be able to enjoy your more sturdy connection and get to streaming!

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