How To Extend Starlink WiFi

As you may know Starlink is a state of the art satellite based isp – or internet service provider – that aims to provide an internet connection to all areas of the earth. Starlink was founded by Elon Musk and the satellites are launched via SpaceX. While this service is great for people in rural areas specifically, they can still run into the problem of the signal strength weakening throughout their property. While not always true, if you are reading this i’m sure either you or someone you know has a good bit of land and some toys out there! It would be a shame not to be able to get a full signal throughout your home or in your barn/garage/shop/whatever is out there! If you are lucky enough to get the full starlink plan then keep reading for some ideas on how to extend your wifi signal that best suits your needs. Even if you have the cheaper plan without priority access these options are still something to consider.

WiFi Range Extender

wifi extender

A cheap and simple option to extend your starlink wifi signal is to buy a wifi range extender. This is a simple option you should only use if you have a small area that has a dead zone or weakened signal that just isn’t quite up to par. If you want to cover a larger area or brand new area that isn’t anywhere near your router/dish, like a building not attached to your home, then I would advise you to continue on.

If you just need a small spot touched up then a wifi range extender or wifi repeater will still work. You can check out our article here on the best wifi extenders for starlink. Simply put, you can plug in this little device in a spot between your router and the dead zone to extend the wifi signal to that particular area. This will create a separate network you will have to connect to and will only *extend* the signal, not boost it, so you shouldn’t expect to have the full strength in the dead zone you otherwise would throughout your property.

Setup A Mesh WiFi Network

mesh wifi access point

This is the preferred method if you have a large area or structure that you would like to be equipped with some of that sweet sweet internet of yours. A mesh wifi network works by using separate access points that bounce the signal to and from each other to cover a larger area. When looking at these you might see them referred to as routers or satellites as well. Just keep that in mind so you don’t get confused thinking about the actual satellites that provide starlink internet.

If you go the mesh wifi route then you can connect the main router to your starlink modem. After that you can place the other access points around your home or building creating a web of wifi everywhere you desire. This also keeps you on one network which is much better than having to connect to a separate one like you would with a wifi extender. Many even come with the option to connect to either a 2.4 or 5Ghz network which is good for separating devices like your phones, laptops, and game consoles!

Here is a writeup with suggestions for mesh wifi if you decide to go that route.

Change Your Router Location

While it may seem obvious to some, its not necessarily to others. If you think you should have no issue with a solid connection somewhere, then consider where your router is in your household. If you put it in the corner of your basement so your work station always has “the best wifi” then there’s potential it can’t reach to the deeper corners of your home.

Placing your router closest to the most central point possible should fix your issue and extend your wifi to other areas. It is definitely worth the time to move your router and test the connection in other areas as well as your workspace. I promise if you don’t live in a massive house then it should not make that much of a difference if your computer isn’t directly next to the router.

Satellite Dish Location

You should also double check that your satellite has a clear view of the sky. It is no different than your satellite tv dish and what would happen when the trees grew too big or there was a bad storm. If your satellites line of sight is being disrupted then this can and will have a major impact on your internet quality.

Once you make sure your dish is clear then maybe you can join us in the future and utilize internet tv or streaming! Kidding of course, most classic tv providers offer streaming only options now anyway which saves you and them on cost and hassle of the hardware. If you are getting starlink internet then you presumably could not enjoy seamless streaming anyway, but now you can!


There are four ideas to help improve your connection and extend starlink wifi. You can go for the range extender (last choice), mesh wifi (first choice), change the location of your router (suggestion before spending money), and checking the view of the satellite (suggestion before spending money). Ultimately the choice is yours on what best suits your needs. Small area that is just annoying a wifi extender is fine. Larger areas go for the mesh wifi. Either way I hope you get that signal up and going so you can fully enjoy the solid internet you have been plagued without.

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