How To Set Up Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System

If you are confused on how exactly to set up your Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System then look no further. We will go through a brief overview of the system and provide the basic instructions to help with your setup. Once you dive in it is not all that hard. We have also included a link to the manufacturer’s directions as well as a video if you are more of a visual learner!

Nighthawk Mesh WiFi Feature Overview

Netgears mesh wifi system comes with loads of benefits to help provide your home or place of business with a reliable wifi signal. Whether you are planning on streaming movies/shows, gaming online, or conduction video conferences you can be sure you will have a reliable signal.

While most people have no need for multiple gigabit internet on a personal level, the nighthawk mesh system can provide combined wifi speeds up to 3.6Gbps.

With the mesh system you will be able to separate and customize wifi signals by area giving them different names for separate connection. This is beneficial for certain things such as your smart home objects giving them an individual or segmented connection whereas your main devices can eat up the bandwidth separately.

When the satellites are spaced properly they can provide coverage for a 4,500sqft area for the standard system. The tri band system MK83 comes with three satellites and can provide coverage up to 6,500sqft.

Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi Manual

Your mesh wifi system should have come with a manual in the box. Be sure to hold onto this because it will provide you with more advanced directions such as setting up different networks as well as managing devices that are connected. We will still go through the setup but if you want to utilize some of the features listed above consider referencing the manual from time to time.

You will also want to download the nighthawk app to help with the setup. It makes it easier to manage things after the fact but you don’t technically need it for the initial setup.

Basic Setup

Initial Router Connection:

The basic setup is fairly straight forward and simple. First:

Unplug your modem from its outlet. Be sure to remove the backup battery if it has it that way it is completely powered off. If it doesn’t have a battery backup then no worries, just unplug it.

Re plug in and give power to your modem. Also the battery if it has it.

You should have an ethernet cable that came with your device. Plug it into your modem and then into the yellow port on your mesh wifi router.

Next, plug in the power to your router first into the device then into an outlet.

Satellite Connection(s):

If you have seen any of our other setup guides then the next steps will be familiar. You will first want to connect each satellite while it is next to the router or as close as you can get it. If you have multiple satellites then you can repeat the process either by being near the first satellite or the router as well, your choice.

Once you have your first or all satellites, connect it to a power source. You should see a white LED start to flash. This means it is looking for the wifi and trying to connect to your router.

You will see one of two colors.

Solid blue means you have established a successful connection between the satellite and router.

Solid orange means the connection failed. If you see this then try moving it closer to the router and plugging it in again. Once the power is on press the sync button on the back of your router, then press the same button on your satellite. Repeat this until you get the desired blue LED.

For any other satellites you might have repeat the above steps near either the satellite or router, it does not matter which. The only thing that matters is it is close enough to a connected device so establish the proper signal.

App Setup

The app setup follows the video below and is particularly for the MK62 and MK63. Once you have the app downloaded follow the steps below or watch the video. Unpackage your device and have both the router and satellite(s) at the ready. While they may look the same the router is the one that comes with the QR code on the packaging.

Open the app and click “Trouble connecting? Try a new system setup.”

Click Nighthawk mesh system –> enable camera –> ok.

This will bring up your camera to scan the QR code on your router. Go ahead and scan it or enter manually if the camera is not working properly.

Now you can start to set up your mesh wifi system. First plug in the ethernet cable into your router and modem. This will follow the same steps as above. Now plug it into the power source if you have not already. Once you see the white light flashing you can hit next on the app.

Set up your satellite the same way and plug it in whilst near the router. Click next on the app and you should see a loading screen while they power on. Both lights should be flashing white.

Select “join” when prompted for nighthawk to join your wifi network. At this point your router should be connecting to your phone you are on, as well as connecting to any satellites you are setting up. Once they get synced up you will see the blue light previously mentioned.

If you see the orange/amber light then repeat the troubleshooting steps above via the sync button.

Once your devices are connected click continue then next on your device. You should see a page to create your wifi network. Input your desired wifi name and password as well as the admin login on the next page.

If you have IOS you can enable face id to login. If not, no big deal, you can move on and setup your security questions.

After you set up your security questions you should see the option to join your new mesh wifi network.

Click next and you should see a screen checking the firmware of your mesh wifi. If you are not up to date the click update firmware. You will then be prompted to join the wifi network again. Once this is done you are all set and can move your satelitte(s) to your desired location within your home or place of business.

Thats it! You can now use the app to control the system from your phone and check on things. We hope that was a pretty painless process and you can now enjoy full coverage wherever you are!

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