Laptop Screen Repair Cost And Tips

I don’t have to tell you how important yet fragile your laptop screen is. Finding that your screen is starting to wear can be frustrating. Whether it be off coloring, random lines, black spots, or even cracks, we will get into what you can do about it. Not all problem with your screen are created equal and neither are their solutions.

Sometimes you may be able to diagnose and fix your laptop screen yourself. Other times you may need to replace it or pay to have it professionally fixed. I can assure you regardless of which option you need or choose, it will almost always be cheaper than replacing your entire device.

Is My Laptop Screen Damaged Or No? Things To Look For

There are numerous ways you can tell if your laptop screen is damaged or starting to age. Some are more obvious than others. The problem is when you notice it, the problem rarely goes away and in some cases seems to get worse.

Some issues include solid lines across your entire screen. Sometimes you may notice just one or two lines. Other times it may be blocks of lines that appear to shift what is supposed to be displaying up or down due to the issue.

Black spots can also appear on your screen which is an indication of dead pixels. Often this is due to damage that your device’s screen took rather than a pixel “dying”. If the spot is large then you may need to look into getting the screen replaced. This is a personal preference dependent upon how much the spot bothers you. As long as your device is taken care of the hypothetical spot should not spread so long as there is no more physical pressure upon surrounding areas.

If your screen is displaying nothing then there are a number of issues and potential fixes that could be a whole other article in itself. First thing to check before shelling out your hard earned cash is you cable connection or damaged cables (if you are connected to a separate display.) If your laptop screen individually won’t render anything but appears to be “on” then time to due surgery and see if you can find any loose connections to your motherboard. This is easier said than done depending on the age of your laptop. Nowadays companies like to design their devices in such a way that prevents you from accessing the internals. As stated before this could be a multitude of things. If you are brave enough and fine with voiding a warranty or just want to learn, check youtube or do a quick online search for your specific model and opening it up. Chances are you are not the only one who has your given problem!

Another common issue with screens is white spots. This can also be from accidental damage or just general wear and tear if your screen is old. There is always a chance that is is random but be careful not to apply rough physical pressure around the area to prevent the spread of this spot. This could be a simple case of stuck or hot pixels which have a chance to be fixed without employing the help of others.

What Factors Change Your Screen Repair Cost

The most obvious considerations are the absolute extent of the damage and what kind of laptop you have. Maybe the damage itself is not that bad but completely outside the scope of your knowledge. Maybe the damage to the screen is severe but your device can be easily accessed and worked on yourself.

First things first, if your laptop is under warranty then don’t even think about messing with it yourself. Get it serviced. That’s what the warranty is for after all! We all know large companies can be a pain to deal with especially for things such as warranty work (I am generalizing obviously. There are companies with fantastic customer service and support out there.) but trust me, it is in your best interest to get it professionally fixed so you don’t have to worry about making the problem worse.

Another consideration is the extent of the damage. If your screen is simply cracked then there is always a chance you can get a replacement for fairly cheap. That being said, this is entirely dependent on what device you have and how new it is. Brands like apple may not be so friendly cost wise. Still, this is vague as it could be a screen crack or the LCD panel could be damaged with a large amount of dead pixels.

If you find that your issue is stemming from a software bug then you are in luck. An update should cost you nothing! Hardware is a different story. As stated above you may need to search for loose connections. If you conclude your issue is stemming from your hardware (not the screen) then a technician will be able to determine what is exactly wrong. If your graphics unit is fried then the replacement is easy but the cost covers all ranges depending on what you are using your laptop for. An older device just for personal use will be on the lower end of the spectrum whereas a gaming device will be very expensive.

How Much You Can Expect To Pay For A New Laptop Screen

This is entirely dependent upon the area which you live. Generally, to pay for a laptop screen repair you should expect to pay somewhere between the $100 – $300 range. Most of the time a technician will replace the screen entirely rather than “repairing” the screen if the damage is extensive enough. Going back to the aforementioned hot or stuck pixel issue, an expert may be able to repair your original screen vs buying a new one.

Types Of Laptop Screens And General Costs

Again, entirely dependent upon your make and model. Laptop screens can run from anywhere between $50 and $200. Most are LCD screens which are on the lower end but LED you will start to scrape the top. All things considered when taking into account the cost of your laptop hardware individually the screen is not all that bad to replace. Even for apple products you should be in this range.

Newer makes and models that have better resolutions or are used for specialty applications may trend towards the higher end of the price range. It should be noted that we are talking about standard laptop screens only. Touch screen or tablets are an entirely different animal. You can still get your screen fixed or replaced but it might be a bit more expensive. We all have friends who have always have a cracked phone screen. The phone still works and the screen can still be fixed! Once in my life I cracked my phone screen and was able to get it fixed for under $100. This is not to say it is a direct comparison to laptops with a touch screen but the point is there are experts out there who can and will fix it for you!

Laptop Screen Price Differences Amongst Manufacturers

Depending on the make and model of your laptop you can expect to pay from anywhere between $150-$700 for a screen replacement. Most “standard” laptops are in the cheaper range as there aren’t any special features and are easy to replace for a technician or even yourself. When you start to get into higher end screens like a gaming laptop such as Alienware or a retina display macbook then you can expect to pay more money. If you feel like you aren’t capable of replacing the screen yourself then add one or two hundred to the retail price of the screen for their markup and labor just to be safe. This isn’t a guaranteed price but just a safe way to expect what you will be paying. Aim high then you might be pleasantly surprised!


Is A Laptop Screen Worth Repairing?

Unless you don’t care about money or anything on your hard drive then fixing your laptop screen is definitely worth it. Even if most of your data is stored in the cloud there is always something on your local machine or even desktop apps that you would have to re download if you were to get a new device. Laptop screens and the labor to repair are of very little cost when compared to a brand new machine.

Should You Trust Third Parties To Work On Apple Products?

This is entirely up to you and how trusting you are. Apple care is certified and you run the risk of something going wrong with a third party. That being said, you will certainly find more competitive prices going the third party route. Always be sure to conduct proper due diligence on a company or individual offering those kinds of services.

Can I Fix Or Replace The Laptop Screen Myself?

You absolutely can. In most cases it is the better option than buying a new device. Most people are under the impression that when the screen goes or is damaged that is the end of the laptops life. To the contrary the screens are easily replaceable and much cheaper than the other hardware that makes it run.

Can My Screen Be Fixed Without Replacing It?

Your laptop screen can in fact be fixed without replacing it. You will have to narrow down what the problem with the screen actually is and see if there is a fix for it. For example, stuck pixels have the potential to be fixed, whereas cracks or dead pixels cannot. They would need to be replaced.

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