Are Raycon Earbuds Compatible With Your IPhone?

Raycon is a big name in the earbud industry. They are often called Apple AirPods Killer.  For the last couple of years, Raycon has released 5 of their Earbuds which became quite popular among the users and they have earned quite a fame by these earbuds.

But the question arose when the apple iPhone users started using them. They were making sure that are raycon earbuds compatible with iPhone?

Why do you need to choose Raycon earbuds over Apple AirPods?

Raycon has Offered such a great deal that it has become the most affordable wireless earbuds worth appreciating. with better Active Noise cancelation filters out unwanted environmental noise to fully immerse you in what you need to do. 

However, if you want to hear what’s going on around you, the brilliant Ambient mode raises the level of ambient sound to let you hear whenever you want. 

What are The Raycon Earbuds compatible with?

The Raycon Earbuds are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers regardless of the brand. If your Device is able to find the Earbuds and can connect with them, you are good to go.

Are Raycon Earbuds Compatible With iPhone?

Raycon earbuds are compatible with any Apple Bluetooth Enabled Device like iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and iMacs from any year.

Many iPhone 11 users were complaining about automatically connecting their phone to Raycon earbuds.

Raycon stated in a blog that it was mainly caused by the recent ios 14 Update which also caused a massive drain issue. This was later solved with an OS update and now the problem is fixed and no other issues were reported.

How To Connect Raycon Earbuds when you Purchase them?

It takes only a few seconds to connect, it works exactly like an Apple AirPods.

First of all, Check your Raycon charging capsule is fully charged. To check the battery, Simply enable your Bluetooth and pop up open the Capsule and you will see it will notify in your iPhone to connect, in case it doesn’t appear a window to connect then charge the capsule and try this process again.

Secondly, After fully charging your earbuds, pop up open the capsule and go to Bluetooth settings and enable it to search. The Bluetooth will show the earbud names and you just tap on it and pair the earbuds.

Raycon hasn’t developed an app for their earbuds. 

Due to its lack of an app, you won’t be able to troubleshoot your earbuds Issues from your smartphone.

Still, you don’t need to worry about an app and also you don’t need to download any additional features or applications to pair your new earbuds. 

What To Do If Raycon Earbuds is Not Pairing With Your iPhone?

In case Raycon Earbuds does not pair with your iPhone, you need to check few things to find out where exactly the problem is.

Step 1: First, check The Bluetooth is turned on, on your iPhone. 

Without it, you won’t be able to pair any Wireless Earbuds or whatsoever.

Step 2: Then, Double check your Raycon charging case and earbuds are all fully charged. 

If any of your buds are running low on battery, they won’t be able to pair. 

Step 3: The next step is to check your iPhone is updated to its latest iOS.

To check that your iPhone is up to date, Raycon Preferred at a level of iOS 13.1.3 and above, hop on to Settings, tap on General and look for Software Update. 

Update it By tapping on Download and and and you will be updated to the latest and much better ios 14.

If you’re still having problems connecting even after updating, contact Raycon Global’s support team.

Conclusion: Is Raycons Really Better Than AirPods?

Lets Look at some features and as well as Price Point to ensure you about Which one to consider Most.

After Rancon Released these E55 earbuds and Soon it became a pretty strong rival for Apple’s AirPods. The noise cancelation feature was highly praised that left AirPods lightyears behind.

The call quality is was tested similarly for both, but the music quality is a bit different. Raycon’s has beaten the Airposd in terms of bass-thumping and hard-hitting audio. 

They’re IPX4 rated, meaning that they’re sweat-resistant if you’re worried about making them wet while you workout. You can comfortably wear them and at the same time be sure, they typically won’t fall out.

Lastly, the fact is E55 may not Last long quite levels of Apple AirPods Pro, but Raycans are significantly cheaper. Raycon Is the Best and Most affordable Earbuds in terms of noise cancelation, music experience, and much cheaper availability.

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