Is it safe to sit next to a wireless router?

Yes, it is completely safe to sit next to a wireless router as it does not produces radio waves like X-rays and gamma rays do. There are 2 types of radiation we see in our environment and they are Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation. 

In short, Ionizing radiations are the most harmful and the world has already seen how dangerous they can be.

Ionizing radiation is used in x-ray, gamma rays, ultra-violet light, and ultra-violet spectrum. Even the tiny bit of that radiation can badly harm your body and also can mutate your cells.

On the other hand, Non-Ionizing radiations are the complete opposite of Ionizing radiation as they can’t Ionize the atoms to be a dangerous thing. This kind of radiation cannot harm your body and they are used in various devices like walkie-talkies, Routers, radios, and microwaves.

So yeah it is completely safe to sit next to any Non-Ionizing radiation device as they cant penetrate through your body. To be more precise, the microwave in your home uses 700 watts, and a wireless router uses only 1 watt and the radiation from the sun is way larger than the wireless router you have in your home.

But if you are still hesitating then you can move your router somewhere high or middle of your home where you won’t sit for a long time.

How much distance should I sit from my router to avoid radiation?

WiFi routers send you signals by giving out electromagnetic radiation. Even though they are low-frequency radio waves or you can call them Non-Ionizing radiations, still they can have an impact on your health if you sit too close to a router for too long.

Well, in terms of maintaining a safe distance and avoiding radiation, you have to sit at least 15-20 feet away from your router, and it’s better to keep 30 feet distance from children.

This video shows how the radiation level keeps rising while you go too close and how it decreases when you are away from your router.

If you want to block radiation, even though it’s not that harmful, you can schedule the router for a restart and turn off the router while you are sleeping or not using it.

Can the radiation of a WiFi router cause Cancer?

The technologies around us are getting advanced and safer day by day as they are checked and approved by health organizations by the government. They are built with proper safety and user-friendly features for the users.

This video explains some bad effects of sitting too near of a wifi router for a long time.

So, the question is can wifi router signals eventually lead to cancer? the answer is no. There is no such evidence that shows a person got cancer because of router signal radiation or Electromagnetic field. The term cancer and EMF is conflicting.

WiFi routers are built in such a way that the users do not get harm and keep using the device for a long time. But sitting beside or too close to a router is not a good thing for the human body.

The reason it’s not good for the human body is that maybe on your desk there can be other devices and together they produce a lot of radiation and can be a little bit harmful to a human body if they sit too close and for a long time.

To keep yourself safe from this device radiation we suggest you keep your device far from you when you don’t use them and keep the wifi turned off whenever you’re sleeping and not using the device.

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