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Top 8 Best Routers with Captive Portal

Routers with captive portals are a great solution for businesses that want to keep their employees from going online while on the job. Captive portals allow you to customize what goes into your router’s login page, how long users have access to the internet after they first log in, and more! In this article, we will discuss 8 of the top router brands with a captive portal feature.

Choosing a router can be tough. There are so many options to choose from and they all seem to have the same features. If you want to make sure that your router has a captive portal, then here is a list of the top 8 best routers with captive portal:

What’s Captive Portal?

Captive portal is a feature of captive WiFi router that acts as an intermediary between the end-user and the internet. When you connect to such public or private wireless network, instead of directly forwarding your data packets to destination servers on the web, captive portals intercept all requests from connected users and redirect them to some custom captive portal hosted by ISP.

When this redirection happens, depending upon what captive portal service provider has configured for each client device (i.e., laptop/desktop), you may be asked either:

– To authenticate with username & password before connecting wirelessly

– Or just accept terms & conditions without providing any credentials (like clicking Agree button in the pop-up window)

In both cases above scenarios when the captive client device is redirected to the captive portal web page, this captive portal web server blocks access to the internet and only displays captive portal landing pages.

This way users can be restricted from accessing specific websites or online services unless they log in with their credentials into the captive WiFi router’s captive portals service provider-provided webpage.

9 Must-Have Features in the Best Router with Captive Portal

First feature that you must have in a router with a captive portal is the ability to set up a local WiFi hotspot. This is especially useful when you do not have internet access in your own home and the only Internet connection is available from a neighbor. Most advanced routers support this feature, but you need to pay attention to what hardware they use (for example it’s not easy to find a router with a USB port to share the Internet connection from a cellular modem).

The second feature for a router with a captive portal is parental control. You can, of course, set restrictions on your children’s computer or smartphone, but you cannot do it without special software – and there is plenty of free software available. If you install them on all devices, you have no way of controlling them via the router. That is where a separate router comes into play. A home router can be configured to block or limit access for certain users at certain times – with just a few clicks of your mouse. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! For example, parents can set time restrictions for internet use.

This is the third must-have feature, but it’s also one of the most important features in the best router with captive portal. If you have more than one computer (or smartphone or tablet) that goes online at your home, then you need to make sure that the router you buy supports multi-computer management.

You must also consider the location of your devices because it can affect the performance of your network. If, for example, you want to create a wireless bridge between two floors in your home, then the position of the router is crucial. Placing it on one floor means that half of your house will get a better signal than the other. This is why it’s important to find the best possible spot for your router, preferably in the middle of your home or where you need better coverage.

The port forwarding function is the fifth feature to consider. This is extremely useful if you want to run special applications that need to connect to the internet via your home network. If you manage it correctly, all incoming connections will be directed towards your device – no matter which computer or smartphone you use. A good example of an application that uses this type of connection is a remote desktop.

Next, A router with built-in VPN client software will encrypt all incoming and outgoing internet traffic, which ensures optimal security for your small business. The only downside to this solution is that it might slow down your connection, particularly if you connect to servers that are far away.

Need a solution? Then use paid VPN services. These can cost you anywhere from $9 up to $20 per month and they usually come with faster connection speeds because the servers are dedicated to specific customers only.

Router speed is the seventh must-have feature for a router with captive portal. Gigabit refers to one billion bits, so you obviously need a router that’s capable of handling gigabit speed. Cheaper routers may work just fine when you use them as an access point or as a simple switch, but if you expect your hotel or restaurant network to handle advanced tasks like user streaming or online gaming, then you need a router that can deliver faster speeds.

Everyone needs a good router to make sure that they have the best internet speeds possible. Routers need to cover an entire hotel or restaurant, not just one or two rooms. When you are looking for your next router, make sure it covers your entire house. Many routers will split their coverage in half so check whether it can cover larger spaces than that.

The Best Routers can cover a maximum of 5,000 square feet and even more depending on the range provided. The best routers will have a strong antenna so you can get great coverage across your entire house.

You want to make sure that you have an isolated wireless network for guests so they cannot access your primary network. Most routers will support multiple SSIDs so you can have a separate network for guests and keep your primary one protected.

The Best Routers can create an additional 10 SSIDs on their current router. You want to make sure that you can give as many people as possible access without compromising your security.

The best wireless routers allow you to connect up to 50 devices with ease. You want to make sure that each device has its own isolated network so it cannot access any of your private data.

Some routers will have a push-button dedicated for guest access while others will integrate it into their software. You want the router that takes the least amount of time to configure and can be accessed by visitors as quickly as possible.

List of the top 5 Router with Captive Portal

  • TP-Link ER605
  • ASUS AX6000
  • NETGEAR Orbi Pro
  • TP-Link AC1200
  • TP-Link Portable

TP-Link ER605 | Multi-WAN Wired VPN Router

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The TP-Link Multi-WAN router, model number ER 605 provides the convenience of connecting several internet connections for your home or business. If you have DSL, Cable, Fiber Optic (or other types) that provide internet access then this router makes it easy to use them all at once. It also works great if you travel and don’t want to pay expensive international data roaming charges.

Install the router between your current internet connection and your computer or router or wireless access point. Then connect the router’s WAN port to the modem via an ethernet cable (included.) Connect a computer to one of router’s 4 LAN ports (also included). Open a web browser to configure the router. That’s all it takes to use the router in bridge mode. All that is left for you to do is choose a router name and password for your new router.

It also features captive portal authentication, a router’s most useful function.

Captive portals are usually set up by network administrators to ensure that users of public Wi-Fi hotspots have transacted business before being granted access to the internet.

TP-Link’s router has an interesting twist on this arrangement: instead of requiring users to open a browser and enter details, it can redirect all HTTP requests to a separate router webpage where the captive portal is hosted.

Furthermore, this webpage has an additional router management interface and both interfaces can be password-protected. This means that you only need the router’s IP address (or its default credentials) to access router management.

This router also creates a separate network and assigns DHCP addresses for different connections: you can have one public Wi-Fi hotspot and another network for your internal users to use.


No products found.

The router with the best captive portal feature is the ASUS RT-AX88U and it even has a lifetime subscription to an internet security software company. So not only will it prevent your router from ever being hacked, but you’ll also be protected any time you go online.

It has 8 Gigabyte ports. If you have two computers, you should use USB 3.0 so the router can provide the most speed possible to your router if both are plugged into their own router port. It will also allow for one computer to be simultaneously connected to the internet while using its other 4 Gigabyte ports as file shares or printer servers.

Asus RT-AX88U offers a top router speed of 5334 Mbps, which is excellent for prioritizing gaming devices.

It’s compatible with ASUS’s AiMesh router system so you can combine it with another router to expand your mesh network. With the best captive portal feature, this router will meet all of your online needs and keep all of your connected devices safe at top speeds.

This router has coverage of up to 5,000 square feet. It has a router with the best captive portal feature that is able to cover most homes up to that size.

You can get this router for about $399 on Amazon, which is a great price considering its lifetime internet security subscription and AiMesh compatibility.

NETGEAR Orbi Pro Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System (SRK60)

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The NETGEAR Orbi Pro SRK60 Kit (2-Pack) is an ideal mesh WiFi system for large homes. It covers up to 5,000 square feet with high-performance AC3000 (tri-band 3×3) WiFi and provides whole home coverage with consistent, uninterrupted internet connectivity throughout. Mesh WiFi systems are not interchangeable; the  Orbi Pro is shaped like a square, unlike the standard Orbi satellite which is an oval. This kit includes two pieces-the routers and one extender to cover space up to 5,000 sq ft

Take advantage of your high-speed internet access with the NETGEAR Orbi Pro Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System (SRK60). This stylish router offers several advanced features that allow you to create a wireless connection in just minutes. The Orbi Pro’s unique design allows for maximum coverage, providing the best internet experience possible. You can access your online content no matter where you are in your house with speeds reaching around 2200 Mbps.

It’s the only mesh router from Netgear that features a captive portal. All you need to do is get a premium subscription from Netgear insight. Also, this router comes with a 1-month free premium trial in case you need to check whether it’s worthy or not.

TP-Link AC1200 (TL-WA1201)

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The TL-WA1201 is an AC1200 wireless access point with a desktop design, integrated antenna, and PoE output. It’s perfect for creating a high-speed Wi-Fi connection anywhere by simply connecting the device to your network or power outlet.

With speeds up to 1167Mbps, it can deliver a smooth HD video experience to every connected user. It also offers extra-long coverage with four high-performance external antennas, which can be adjusted to fit your environment.

This versatile AP supports four modes of operation: AP Mode, Client Mode, Multi-SSID, and Range extender. Use them in nearly any wireless networking application, such as bridging the gap between wired networks and distant devices, extending a wireless network, or adding multi-SSID capability.

The TL-WA1201 has everything you need to create an instant high-performance secure Wi-Fi hotspot in your home, office, café, or conference room.

The TL-WA1201 features passive PoE (Power over Ethernet), allowing the flexibility of installation in non-PoE environments with existing Power over Ethernet infrastructure. The power cable needed is already included in the package for your convenience, along with a wall-mount kit if required.

What’s more, it can also be powered by an external, non-PoE power adapter in areas where there is no power over the Ethernet network.

The TL-WA1201’s built-in captive portal provides a convenient way to add a splash page for Wi-Fi clients before users can gain access to the router. Administrators can configure the splash page to require users to enter a username and password, accept terms and conditions such as acceptable use policies (AUPs), or even pay for access via PayPal.

For larger networks with multiple APs, TL-WA1201 offers a multi-SSID mode that allows you to create two separate wireless networks in the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz spectrums.

Each band can be configured with different SSIDs, allowing you to segment devices into different subnets or create two separate networks—one for guests and one for staff members, for example. With the Multi-SSID mode, AP clients can automatically switch between access points based on the signal strength of the base stations. This allows your network users to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

The TL-WA1201 provides effective wireless encryption using WPA/WPA2, which is developed to enhance Wi-Fi’s level of security. It also includes firewall protection and other advanced security options, such as MAC address filtering and DoS protection.

TP-Link Portable Nano Travel Router

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This AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router with USB Port is a powerful wireless solution with multiple modes to meet your various requirements at home, in the office, or on the go.

The range of using modes can be classified into three types: Range Extender mode, Access Point mode, and Hotspot mode. Depending on different people, there are different requirements for the router.

This router is the best solution for your rich applications need to meet different requirements, like wireless Internet connection sharing, hotspot services, and many more.

Also, TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router with USB Port is the first all-in-one travel router, hotspot, and access point. It can be used as a Wireless Adapter to convert any Ethernet-enabled device into a wireless device. Users also can connect USB devices to this tiny but powerful solution, sharing data across the network!

The TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router is able to work as a wireless range extender. It can help to wirelessly connect devices like game consoles, smart TVs, and streaming players that are too far away from the WI-Fi router or not within the WI-Fi’s reach. Also, you can locate it anywhere in your house to get rid of the dead zone.

The TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router is able to work as a wireless access point (AP). Connecting to Web 1.0 or 2.0, you can expand your network easily by simply adding the device into your router’s LAN  network. Also, its powerful functions can meet different requirements at different times!

The TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router is able to work as a Hotspot (Wi-Fi router). It allows you to share your network with more people via Wi-Fi service. This makes it ideal for cafés, restaurants, and other public places looking to create a hotspot.


What are common problems when trying to use the captive portal?

If you have problems, be sure that your device is connected to the correct SSID. Also, check if network authentication settings are set up correctly on your router and client devices. The most typical problem with captive portals can occur when incorrect credentials or configurations were entered by mistake.

What happens when the captive portal is not working?

If you are unable to connect, it might be caused by incorrect authentication credentials or configurations.

How does a captive portal work on the network?

Captive portals act as if there were an additional router in between your computer and access point (AP).  This additional “router” is actually a web server and acts as the traffic controller on your network. It will redirect you to an authentication page before allowing access to any resources that are not allowed by policy or security concerns.

How long does it take for new credentials set up with captive portal to work after I make changes?

This all depends on your router settings. If you change the credentials for captive portal, it will automatically take effect right away if not set to “apply at next AP connection” option.

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