Setek Wifi Extender Setup [Tutorial]

Isn’t it annoying when you have a spotty connection or dead spot in your home or place of business? Luckily wifi extenders exist. These devices are designed to extend your signal with its own network. Most are simple plug and plays with immediate access to a new wifi network which is an extension of your existing one. Just follow one of two simple steps below to setup your setek device and finally get that area with a weak signal covered!

Setup Setek Wifi Range Extender

The Setek wifi extender setup is a very easy process. The device is designed to give you a great wifi connection in a building or home where you otherwise would experience a dead zone. The wifi range extender acts as a signal booster for distances, not strength. What this means is if you have 300mbps internet speed, you can extend that signal a certain distance. This device would not give you 5000mbps for example.

You have two options to setup your setek wifi range extender which we will get into more below. The first option is to hold the WPS button on your wifi extender as well as your router. The second is to setup using the ip address of your wifi extender. Both are very easy to accomplish. Lets get into it!

SETEK WiFi Extender Overview

On the current market you can expect to find a couple different types of SETEK wifi range extenders. The first model is the SE01 and the second model is the SE02. You can find these anwhere from ebay to amazon.

These great wifi extenders can support speeds up to 300mbps. Be sure to keep this number in mind because if you pay for high speed internet such as 1GB plans, then this wifi extender will not be able to utilize all of your internet.

These devices have the capability to work with any router you might have. To get the best connection, they come equipped with two ethernet ports if you happen to have a cable nearby. Remember, this device is intended to help cover some spotty areas in a home or building, not “increase” your wifi speed. If you are far from the router, the wifi extender might not give as good a signal as you would have near the router. If you are plugged in via ethernet, you might get a better signal in the desired area than you otherwise would have without. Better in this context meaning better than a non wired extender in the area. You still would not have a better signal than your router and ISP provides.

Various forms of operation

The SETEK wifi range extender has 5 modes to choose from:

Router Mode
Repeater Mode
Client Mode
Access Point Mode
Wisp Client Router Mode

Using The WPS Button For Setup

  1. First things first, you need to plug in your device. It is important that the first time you do this you should plug it in near your router. This will help speed up the process by getting a quicker connection since you are closer. Don’t worry, once you are done you can simply unplug and move it to your desired area.
  2. When you first plug it in, a light should start flashing. Wait for this light to turn solid green. Once that happens you can move to the next step.
  3. Find the WPS button on your wifi range extender and hold it for approximately five seconds. The light should start flashing.
  4. Go to your router and hold the same WPS button. Both your router and wifi extender should have a blinking light now. Give it around 20 seconds for the Setek wifi extender to connect to your router.
  5. If successful, the light on your extender should be solid green again.
  6. Now that you are successfully connected, you can unplug and move your wifi range extender to whichever location you desire.

PC, Laptop, Or Phone Setup

The Setek will come with the capability to setup the network by using the IP address. The address will be In order to setup your setek wifi range extender via the internet, follow the steps below:

  • Plug in your wifi extender. This can be anywhere within range. You don’t necessarily need to be extremely close to the router like you should if you are using the wps button.
  • Wait for the light to stop blinking and turn solid green.
  • Now open your wifi settings and connect to the new network appearing in your list
  • Next open whichever browser you use
  • enter for SE01 or for the SE02 in your address bar. If you can’t connect then try a different device or resetting your setek range extender.
  • You should be prompted with an input for a username and password. Login with the credentials you were given. If you don’t see any the username and password for first time login should be “admin”.
  • Choose a mode you are looking for
  • There should be a list of available wifi networks. Click on you desired network and input the username and password.
  • Under “Connect to:” should be your wifi/router name
  • “Pre-shared Key:” is the password to your wifi
  • “The Device SSID:” should be automatically created with your wifi name with “-Plus” added
  • At this point the blinking light should turn to solid green again.

Congrats! You should now have your wifi extender all set up. When you are near your extender you can now connect to it from your devices wifi menu. Remember, unless you changed it the default name should be [yourWifiName-Plus]. I hope you found this article helpful and solved those pesky dead spot issues!

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