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Starlink Data Caps – Is Starlink Throttled?

Do I need special satellite internet equipment in order to get the best out of starlink service?

Starlink is a satellite internet service provider founded by CEO Elon Musk. The goal of Starlink is to provide a stable internet connection to more rural areas that are not outfit with faster speeds like in more densely populated areas. The Starlink service has done a fantastic job of expanding and launching more satellites. The question is once you subscribe to this service, will you expect any data caps or throttling?

The short answer is no, Starlink does not data cap your internet service. However, they could decide to change this at any given moment. In their acceptable use policy they mention reserving the right should they need to protect the overall health of the network. Throttling is also a possibility.

What is Throttling Anyway?

Throttling is your internet provider slowing down your bandwidth. This usually happens if you hit your data cap. If the starlink network were to be overwhelmed for any given reason then they may throttle your services anytime. This could affect your download speeds and upload speeds. Even with unlimited data there is always a chance your wi-fi could appear slower and affect users across the globe.

If There Are No Data Caps Then Why Would There Be Throttling?

Starlink’s service is relatively new and always improving. That being said, if the network is overwhelmed they could always take measures to slow your internet speed. This is not to say it will or would ever happen. Rather, they add it in their legal jargon in order to keep everything working should the need arise. While there are no data caps to date, you could expect to be throttled if you were using an incredibly unreasonable amount of data where it were noticed by their systems. We here at techietide can’t imagine it would be anything close to where cellular providers start to throttle service, even after claiming “unlimited data.” Don’t worry, if you are online gaming, streaming movies, and doing any other normal thing that comes with internet access you will be fine. Like we said, you would have to be using an incredible amount of data to start seeing slower speeds.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment for Starlink?

To ensure that you’re getting the best possible service from Starlink, it’s important to have the right equipment. The starlink mesh system is designed to work with the starlink service and provides you with the best possible connection. It includes a router, a dish, and a base stand. If you need to extend the reach, consider buying a node or two to create a mesh network. This type of network is best to cover large areas such as a sizeable home or office.

So How Much Will Starlink Internet Cost?

Starlink’s internet service now had three different tiers.

  • Residential
  • RV
  • Business

The great part about these options are, unlike other satellite internet providers, there are no contracts. You can cancel anytime!


This package is for starlink customers who require higher data speeds for their business. The cost is $500/month with a one time charge of $2500 for the equipment fee.


The RV package is a new offering from the satellite internet provider. This package will run you $135/month with a one time equipment cost of $599. The nice part about this package is along with no contract you can easily halt the services anytime when it is offseason.


The residential package is the cheapest and for normal household use coming in at $110/month. Similar to the RV package there is a one time equipment cost of $599.

All of these come with a router, a satellite dish, and a base stand. Starlink offers extras but similar to any other company it will cost you.

How Long Until Starlink is Available in my Area?

This is the question everyone wants to know. Unfortunately we don’t know the answer and ask it constatnly ourselves! Always check the starlink website to see if they are servicing your area and you are an eligible customer. Starlink promises to expand as quick as they can but lets face it, with all the shortages going on in the world its hard telling who can get what when. The good news is that the starlink beta phase is done so its only looking up from here! We hope to see it soon progress to the point of other mainstream internet providers where you can say “Hey, i’m located here” and simply place an order for your hardware! Time will tell but we have high hopes.


Starlink internet provides a great opportunity to give you high speed internet in rural areas where you may not otherwise have access. They are continuously launching satellites and improving their global coverage. Considering what little options you may have, the starlink cost is definitely worth it. Plus you still get to enjoy the night sky with the small footprint from the starlink satellite dish.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable way to get high speed internet in remote areas, then Starlink is definitely worth considering. With their constantly improving worldwide availability, you will be able to get the internet speeds you need without having to worry about dropped connections or slow speeds. No need to worry about data caps or throttling any more than you would with your internet provider now. You also have the added benefit of unlimited data in the meantime while other internet providers may have a contract and a cap. With technology progressing and media consumption now a part of every day life, we doubt there would ever be data caps unless the plan was offered at a significantly reduced price. Remember your dial up internet? Free minutes on the weekends but limited amounts during the week? Party lines and limited texts? The list goes on! Nowadays we have fiber internet and low earth orbit satellites providing reliable internet and download speed.

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