Why You Need A Laptop Extender

Have you gotten used to your fancy work from home setup but want to move around? You need a laptop extender

Ever since the covid pandemic many were forced to start working remotely. For most it took some taking to get used to. For others that already had a hybrid schedule it was a welcomed change. Regardless of how you feel about working from home, we know it is here to stay.

Being able to work remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years, and laptop extenders are one of the key tools that remote workers rely on to be productive. A laptop extender is a portable monitor that connects to your laptop, giving you additional screen real estate to work with. This can be especially useful when traveling, as it allows you to set up a temporary workstation anywhere you have access to an outlet.

Laptop extenders are also a great way to boost your productivity when working from home, as they allow you to keep your email and chat applications open on one screen while you work on another. Whether you’re a digital nomad or a stay-at-home parent, a laptop extender is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who needs to get work done away from the office. Who doesn’t love that extra screen space?!

With the way technology has progressed you can pack up any portable screen you choose and use it on the go. They usually connect easily with either a standard usb or usb c connectivity. One plug and you are good to go. The fantastic part about mobile monitors are that you won’t sacrifice image quality. Whatever you are working on or streaming the quality will surely be on par with your standard screen.

I’m A Gamer And Require Higher Specs. Will This Work For Me? Is A Portable Gaming Monitor Worth It?

Now, portable monitors are definitely not on par with a gaming monitor. While the display is fantastic for everyday use. Gamers certainly require impressive specs for all their hardware. This is not to say it can’t be used for a gaming monitor. Most portable monitors are able to be used with separate docking stations. Therefore, if you have a nice gaming setup but need extra screen space for say, a map or inventory list, then a portable monitor is a fantastic option for you! I can’t imagine you will be doing any heavy duty gaming on the go anyway…but if you are, your gaming laptop is built for it and like I said, throw one of those bad boys in portrait mode, and use the extra screen(s) for inventory, a map, or whatever you choose. It’s your experience, what do I care!

How Are Portable Monitors Powered?

HDMI port, USB, or USB c connectivity baby! Regardless of the power source your laptop will be sure to have it. The new standard is becoming usb c but it’s not like your laptop will be without an hdmi port or usb. Speaking of power, adding a second screen or any sort of portable display will drain your laptop battery quicker than normal. It only makes sense. While I yearn for the day we have some instant charge, futuristic, long lasting battery, we got what we got!

The device is a plug and play which insinuates a power draw. Each device is different in how much power it draws from the internal battery. Some could have a larger screen, some could be smaller, it doesn’t matter that much. What matters is you have the ability to have that comfortable work remotely monitor set up while being able to move around. I couldn’t tell you how many times I wanted to move but felt I couldn’t get anything done on my tiny standard display. Not every gets a large laptop for work you know!

How long do portable monitors last?

Although portable monitors have been introduced earlier in the market – which means they don ‘t have the same historical information about reliability – preliminary data indicate the lifetime of portable displays is 8-15 years. This number should be taken with a grain of salt. The portable monitor accessory is fairly new. Think of it as any other screen you might have. Your tv, laptop, pc monitors etc.

Are Portable Screens Worth It?

If you’ve ever felt cramped while working on your laptop, then you know how frustrating it can be to try to get work done on a small screen. portable laptop screens are an easy way to add an extra dimension to your work space. Most foldable stands offer a variety of viewing angles, so you can find the perfect position for your needs. And because they’re lightweight and easy to set up, portable laptop screens are a great way to increase your screen size without adding any bulk to your bag. Whether you’re working on a presentation or just want to relax and watch a movie, portable laptop screens are a great way to get more out of your laptop.

I would say yes 100% portable monitors are worth it. Imagine this, and maybe you don’t have to imagine because these are all scenarios i’ve been through. You have a nice work from home setup with multiple monitors. Display is good and your desk/chair is comfy. Sometimes you just want to move, or need to. What if you are asked to babysit, dogsit, or house sit? Unless its for an extended period of time messing with all those cables and monitors is such a hassle.

What if you wanted to travel to visit friends/family? I am simply not nearly as productive on my tiny laptop screen as I am with my multiple monitor set up. I want the extra monitors but under no circumstances am I packing them up and checking them on a plane! Lets face it, unless you spend the time insulating the bag and money checking it, most monitors aren’t gonna survive that flight. Throw a nice portable monitor in your carry on along with your laptop. Problem solved! This is one of the best parts of being able to work remotely. Visit where you want or need to be and still be able to work efficiently when you want.

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